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>> allow the water to go through. as it opens. and will prevent the water from coming back because the flap will stay closed. >> reporter: the utility will rebate most of the installation cost up to $3,000. >> it's not a cheap process to do, but on the other hand, it's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. >> reporter: 300 gallons of water is gushing out of this plastic container. but there's not even a puddle in this bladensburg alley. pave drain is a road service that allows water to drain back into the ground rather than pushing it into overloaded storm drains. >> this surface allows water to go into its base and back to mother nature. >> reporter: to avoid the type of urban flash flooding that occurred sunday night, some municipalities require so-called permeable paving to be used in alleys and parking lots of new construction. the district does not. but a panel of engineers
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examining all possible remedies for the bloomingdale flooding situation will give it consideration. now, thursday night residents of this affected area will get a chance to ask a plumber questions about that valve we showed you. no charge at all. no hourly rate. reporting live in the bloomingdale neighborhood, jackie bensen, news 4. >> there's already rain in parts of our area right now. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer joins us with the word. >> i'm not really too worried about what's going on out there tonight. i think it's going to be what we see during the day tomorrow as the frontal boundary gets closer. currently 85 at the airport. heat index coming in at 92. very warm and humid atmosphere. so we really need a trigger to get something started. and we don't need much of one, but right now not much of a trigger out there. we had showers along the chesapeake, a few into southern maryland, a few more trying to make their way into northern virginia and frederick county into maryland. that's about pipt the wider view shows we have more showers to the south and west.
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tomorrow, i do think we'll have that trigger. it will be a frontal boundary that will move closer to our region. we'll continue to get that tropical flow up from the south. that is when i think we see the best chance for some heavy rain across parts of the area. yeah, unfortunately, the potential for some flooding, too. we'll talk much more about that plus what's in store for the rest of the week. we may get rid of this rain, but we're not going to get rid of the heat. i'm talking about it coming up. >> thanks, doug. as the democratic national convention begins today in charlotte, president obama hit the road campaigning. he stopped at norfolk state university, called on students there to help him get out the vote. tonight president obama will be back at the white house with his daughters watching the first lady's speech. he says he's going to try not to cry because he gets all misty when his wife speaks. news 4's jim vance joins us live in charlotte. >> hey, vance. >> reporter: hi, wendy. the president is not the only one who is anticipating what the first lady has to say tonight. except we have to assume, don't
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we, he probably already knows. this convention is about to be gaveled into session. there are all kinds of tightly scripted speakers and videos. these things have been such in the last couple of decades. the hall begins to fill now with a whole lot of people in anticipation of some heavyweights coming up here tonight. former virginia governor and senate candidate tim cain scheduled to speak. so the maryland's kbovrner martin o'malley. an santonio's mare yoi julian castro is the keynote speaker. the one most anticipated first lady michelle obama. yesterday in an interview she talked about what she is going to talk about tonight and she also is reaching out to younger voters. >> we have a president who has a vision for this country to make sure that every american, regardless of who they are or what they look like or who they love, that they have a fair shot at the american dream. voting is -- it's how this
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country runs. and it's our responsibility at whatever age to exercise the rights that people before us fought so hard for us to have. >> reporter: mrs. obama will close out tonight's session. she'll go on at about 10:35 or so. earlier today, members of the dc delegation proved once again that they just can't catch a break. tom sherwood is here now to tell us more about that. tom? >> jim, there are all kinds of protests out on the streets here. but the dc vote event, it kind of fizzled. >> reporter: there were authorized anti-abortion protesters. >> born to be without jesus. >> reporter: and salvation preachers. protesters assailing economic and political injustice. that latter protest prompted police to bring in reinforcements and that police line spelled -- cut short by the police lockdown. >> it's been a challenge with all the security concerns.
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what we had assumed the plans continue to seem to change on the hour. >> i think it's a challenge for the charlotte police. it's also a challenge for dc vote and dc residents to try to deliver a message. but it's important that we do it. we're going to stick with our plans. that's why we're here. >> reporter: the rally drew only a couple of dozen people. it wasn't clear how many others just couldn't get through. dc council member jack evans was stopped by dc police on special assignment to charlotte. is this kind of metaphorical for the statehood fight? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: no one was sure where dc mayor vincent gray was. maybe the police stopped him, too. now, the good news is the mayor did show up. it was a 30-minute protest event. the mayor got there with ten minutes to spare. about two dozen or so people were there with him. they finally got the word out. they would like to have voting rights in the district of columbia. once again, they were thwarted
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by events. >> either bad luck or no luck at all. >> a good song. not a good way to live your life. >> thanks, tom. comining up later in our broadcast, the obstacles to energizing the black vote at least in this part of north carolina. these stories and more coming up later. back to you. >> thanks, guys. republican presidential nominee mitt romney taking a break from the campaign trail today. however, his running mate is in the first day of a week-long road trip. while speaking to supporters near cleveland today congressman paul ryan compared the economy to that under former president jimmy carter. romney's campaign raised at least $100 million for each of the last three months. a maryland man is in custody now charged with attempted murder. the 20-year-old tells police he thought he was a female prostitute, but was embarrassed when he discovered his mistake. chris gordon is live in the newsroom with the suspect's defense. chris? >> this happened saturday night or early sunday morning.
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the 41-year-old victim was hospitalized with serious stab wounds. the attacker allegedly admitted to police what he had done. >> reporter: it started here at the cocoa cabana grill. police say the victim was dressed as a woman standing outside. the tft, 20-year-old christian ariel romero allegedly offered money for sex. he drove to the victim's neighborhood. when romero discovered his companion was a man posing as a woman, he allegedly stabbed the victim repeatedly. >> the suspect did return to the scene where it occurred and -- and was remorseful. and admitted his involvement to the police. >> reporter: the defense lawyer representing christian romero says he has no criminal record prior to this incident. a dozen family members came to court in support of christian romero. the judge set bail at $500,000. romero's lawyer calls the high bail harsh. >> i'm shocked. the defendant is a person who's
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20 years old. never done anything wrong in his entire life. and the person who is on the other side is what it appears to be is a prostitute, 40 years of age, with a track record, a history. and basically he thought that he was having -- not expecting what he got. >> reporter: montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy says the bail was set high because of the serious charges against roromero. attempted first degree murder, attempted second degree murder, assault in the first and second degree, reckless endangerment and theft of the victim's cell phone. mccarthy says the victim's action, posing as a woman, doesn't change that. >> the allegation is a violent attack with a knife. and so misrepresentation of any type does not justify that level of violence. >> christian romero's family is not rich, and his lawyer says he anticipates romero will not be able to post bail and,
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therefore, will remain in custody. that's the latest from the newsroom. chris gordon, news 4. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, a controversial book. it hits the store shelves today. and it is already setting records. fertility treatments can be extremely expensive. is there a more natural solution for couples struggling to conceive? next, an ivf alternative with no drugs, no hormone injections. i'm julie carey in fairfax county where a boost in student county where a boost in student enrollment means some new skooms
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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in news for your health tonight, a new report out says millions of americans have high blood pressure. medication and doctor care aren't enough to help. according to the cdc about half of the 67 million adults with high blood pressure cannot get it under control. high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. experts say more lifestyle changes might be needed besides medication like eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising more. when women undergo invee troe fertilization in the u.s. they need to take hormones and fertility drugs that can lead to serious side effects.
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doreen gentzler joins us with the news. >> it's not a new treatment. in fact, it's the way doctors first performed ivf in the 1980s. it's also the only method used by most other countries around the globe. so you may wonder why is natural ivf just starting to gain popularity here in the u.s.? >> just you feel so bloated and you're just so uncomfortable. it just doesn't feel natural at all. >> christy layman couldn't get pregnant. so she underwent invee troe fertilization. that meant she had to take drugs to make her ovaries stop working, followed by daily injections of hormones to help her produce lots of eggs. >> for me, it didn't feel normal. >> reporter: that's because stimulated ivf can lead to side effects and complications. for layman it was headaches, bloating and fatigue. for up to 5% of patients, it can cause the more serious ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. that's a condition where the ovaries produce way too many
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eggs and that can cause blood clots, even death. >> if you think that in stimulated ivf we're shutting the ovaries down and then we're causing them to produce multiple eggs, in natural cycle ivf we're just watching the normal monthly process. >> so there are no drugs. no hormone injections. trs simply monitor a woman's regular cycle then remove the egg when it's ready to be fertilized. without the added expense of medications, the procedure is significantly less expensive, costing around $4,000 compared to $12,000 to $20,000 for stimulated ivf. drt mark payson is a reproductive endocrinologist. >> i find a lot of patients find natural cycle is so much easier to do they're willing to go through several cycles. >> because that's the downside. the success rate of natural ivf is significantly lower than it was for stimulated ivf. in fact, doctors say it takes
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three cycles of the natural procedure to equal the success of the stimulated one. >> ivf by definition isn't particularly natural. >> reporter: dr. eric widrow works at shady grow fertilitfer. doctors there won't be natural ivf because they say it's a waste of money. >> the advantage of stimulated ivf is so dramatic that if you can make it as tailored to the patient as possible and as minimalist as possible, the upsides far outweigh the down sides. >> for christy and matt layman, when they were ready for a second child they decided to give natural ivf a try. >> i can't tell you how great that was not to have to have shots every single day. >> reporter: they beat the odds. christy got pregnant on her very first cycle. >> one good egg is all you need. >> another reason why natural ivf hasn't caught on so much in this country has to do with marketing and money. some critics say it's because doing the natural procedure lowers a clinic's overall
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success rate. that can be bad for business. there's no one solution that fits for everybody. but it is important to know that there are other options so that you can make choices. wendy, jim? >> interesting. thanks, doreen. doug, how we looking out there now? >> we're looking okay. good hair day? bad hair day? i haven't looked. i can't look at you and go, bad hair day. you were talking about it earlier about the humidity. >> humidity is bad. not a great hair day. >> you look fantastic, wendy. not what i was going for. let's take a look at show you what's happening outside. you, too, doreen. you look fantastic today. >> bad hair day. >> it's officially a bad hair day. >> 85 degrees. this is why -- this is what i was trying to get to. 85 degrees with a dewpoint of 74. puts our humidity right now at nearly 70%. heat index today has been out there in full force. nearly in the mid to upper 90s in parts of the area. wind out of the south at 17. not the best hair day.
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82 in martensburg. 86 in leesburg. 88 in fredericksburg. we have very warm temperatures. these aren't bad. when you consider that humidity, you add in the heat index, here we go. 93 in annapolis. 91 in manassas. as we need to get rain is a trigger in the atmosphere. for us we simply don't have one. that's good news for a lot of us. we need to dry out after a lot of the rain we've seen. we have seen some showers come through portions of southern maryland. a few up there towards northern maryland around frederick and hagerstown. a few more around fredericksburg. these as they've moved to the north have been drying out. i was just talking to one of the guys down there at nats park asking about the game tonight. i think you're going to be okay. you may have to pull the tarp out. no you'll probably bring the tarp back in. i to expect these to kind of die
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out before they get here. fredericksburg, sill yvain ya county, you'll see some of those. where was the activity today? up towards philadelphia. up towards new york. a tremendous amount of rain for them. for us, i think it comes tomorrow. as our frontal boundary begins to move our way, that front will give us the trigger that we need to produce some of those heavier showers. i think we could see the potential for maybe 1 to 2 inches with some of those showers pch wat showers. watch out during the day tomorrow. on thursday the front moves down to the south. so will the shower activity. down around richmond, maybe southern maryland. from washington to the north, we just stay on the warm side. the warm and humid side. think we get back into the low 90s on thursday. probably friday, too. this evening, mostly cloudy. scattered showers. some heavy. temperatures 81 to 85 degrees. don't cancel any plans. the game tonight not looking too bad. partly cloudy tomorrow morn ing. a few showers. most of us i think dry tomorrow
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to start off. temperatures 70 to 74. very muggy. tomorrow afternoon, guess what? more clouds. areas of rain. some heavy. 84 to 89 degrees. as you move on through the next couple days, our rain chances go down on thursday, but our heat goes up. 92 thursday afternoon. 93 on friday. 88 on saturday. and then something i think a lot of us are ready for. a cooldown. highs only in the mid to upper 70s, many areas in the upper 50s to lower 60s at night. >> that's some good hair. >> when is the humidity going to pull on out of here. >> it's going to take a little while. sunday into monday you're going to notice a huge difference. >> all right. a new book recounting the day that osama bin laden was killed hit the store shelves today and created a lot of controversy. it's called "no easy day." it's written by a navy s.e.a.l. using a pseudonym. the book gives a firsthand account of the raid that capture and killed the terrorist leader
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at his compound. the pentagon says the book reveems classified information and says the author should have submitted the book for a formal review before publishing. the book is already number one on some best seller lists. straight ahead tonight on news 4 at 5:00, a proposed shopping center that could snarl traffic along connecticut avenue even more. new rules are now in place at schools in virginia to help students with allergic reactions. sp sports carol joins us live from nats park with the heir apparent to stephen strasburg in the pitching rotation. a big announcement from apple about what could be the next iph
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just a couple more games left for stephen strasburg at the mound. carol is down there at the nats
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stadium. >> reporter: it's a nice night out here. the rain's holding off, thankfully. the guys definitely want to get this one in. like bryce harper coming off first base and heading home. these guys cannot be stop. you're talking about stephen strasburg and the impending shutdown. that news also being taken in stride out here. here replacement is already here. john lannan. someone the nats fans are familiar with. he spent the entire season in aaa syracuse. he had two spot starts. he was very impressive. he had two wins and a 3.46 e.r.a. when he came up here for those two spots in late july and early august. but he's back now. you're right. he's expected to take stephen strasburg's spot in the rotation. and, yes, he has something to prove. >> you know, the past is the past. i did what i did earlier in the year. there's a lot of emotions running. right now, you know, i'm just looking for an opportunity to
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take advantage. i pitched well when i came up here for the brave start and marlins start. i look for more opportunities like that to come up and help the team win. that was the biggest thing for me, it was frustrating to know i wouldn't be able to come up here and help them win on a consistent basis like i have in the last three years. that was the toughest part. now i just -- you know, the past is the past. you know, i just kind of look forward to my next opportunity. >> reporter: you take over stras, two more starts for him. about two-plus weeks away. are you simulating some games when he's pitching out there? what's that weight? how are you handling the weight and the pressure? >> we really haven't talked much about it. right now we're just kind of waiting. stras, i think he's still going out there and he has to pitch two more. right now i'm just going to cheer for the team and do my work off the field and be ready. >> reporter: now you're here for such an extra special time for the organization. will it be worth it for you if this team and you being a big part of it can go on and do
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great things in october? >> with or without me i'm so happy for these guys, so happy for this organization. they've been through a lot. this town deserves a winning team. that would be a selfish way to look at it. i'm just glad i'm part of it, part of this magic. look forward to more wins. >> reporter: i know they're so happy to have you back. davy was talking about how much you mean to him. i think i have a good suggestion on a walk-up song for you. >> what's that? >> reporter: kelly clarkson? what doesn't kill you makes you -- sing it with me, john. >> i got my walk-out song already picked. it's a little harder than kelly clarkson. >> reporter: i'd like to tell you, though, he did know the words to the song i was talking about. moments after our interview with john lannan today, davey johnson did sit down with him. he talked about he wants to give him some rest right now. so we know a plan. lannan's getting some rest right now. he's going to not pitch for a few days. come out of the bull pen in five days. his first start should come sometime after the 12th in the
5:27 pm
atlanta series which really speaks volumes to how much they think of him, guys. as we all know, atlanta just 6 1/2 games back. that'll be a crucial series in a couple of weeks. >> a big one. all right. that does speak to that. thank you, carol. >> thanks, carol. next at 5:30, a young boy facing a judge in the death of his younger sister. we'll have a live report for you. why parents in virginia are so furious at the start of the school year. toys r us is
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a fast forward through our headlines. dc water officials urging residents in flood prone neighborhoods to install a backflow preventer. that's it. it keeps water from the main sewer lines from gushing into your house. the utility says it will rebate most of the installation costs up to $3,000. several dc homes flooded on
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sunday night when those storms rolled through. the democratic national convention is officially under way in charlotte, north carolina. and its first lady michelle obama's big night as she prepares to tell the nation why her husband should win a second term. you can watch her speech live in our prime time coverage at 10:00 here on nbc 4. doug? >> out there right now, a few light showers across parts of the region. a few heavier downpours, too. most of us are on the dry side. that's where we're going to stay throughout most of the evening hours. see the rain moving up from the south and west. more shower back toward the mountains around the fredericksburg area. a few making their way towards prince william and western portions of stafford county. they'll try to move towards the district. they've had a hard time moving north. a much better chance of heavy rain during the day tomorrow. probably early in the day, maybe around noon tomorrow. we'll talk more about that coming up in the forecast in just a minute.
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a judge in prince george's county heard evidence today in the death of a ft. washington toddler, 2-year-old anye ya bachelor was beaten to death back in july. a 12-year-old boy reportedly confessed to the crime. his attorneys wanted that confession thrown out. darcy spencer joins us live from the courthouse in upper marlboro with the story. >> it's not every day we see a 12-year-old murder suspect. i was in the courtroom today when he walked in. he was wearing an orange hooded sweatshirt with some black lettering and pants. he was handcuffed behind his back. he walked over to the defense table and sat down in the big leather chairs. usually taken up by adults. i could barely see the back of his head rising up above the back of that chair. he sat and listened quietly as his mother, his father and his grandmother testified. it's all about whether statements he made can be used against him. the parents of a 12-year-old boy accused of killing his 2-year-old foster sister testified that they did not give police permission to question their son about the crime.
5:33 pm
and, they said, they didn't know a detective had interviewed him until police told them he had confessed. the testimony came as defense attorneys filed a motion to have that videotaped interview with a prince george's county police detective thrown out of court. the boy is charged as a juvenile with the murder of his 2-year-old foster sister found beaten to death in their ft. washington home july 3rd. a prince george's county police detective who interviewed the rising eighth grader said the boy was sitting in the lobby of a county police station with his grandmother. the detective said the grandmother allowed her to speak with him in an interview room. but the grandmother testified that the detective told her she was taking the boy back to see his parents. the detective also testified that the boy admitted to her he had hit the girl at least six times and that he may have hit her in the stomach by accident. they also talked about how the 12-year-old would play fight with his sister. the interview was only discussed. it was not played in open court. the defense attorney honed in on
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the part of the interview where the detective said the boy had not reached the top of the mountain in terms of providing information. and that when he did, he would get a cookie. testimony is expected to continue tomorrow morning here at prince george's county circuit court at 10:00. again, the judge will continue hearing that testimony. arguments will be made. then a decision will be made, again, as to whether these confessions will be allowed in court. reporting live in upper marlboro, darcy spencer, news 4. it was an awful crime. now there is a guilty plea. 48-year-old na thalia wilson admitted that she stabbed a dale city mother and son to death during a jealous rage. wilson was married to the woman's ex-husband. she went to the victim's home in february of 2010 and a fight broke out. wilson stabbed the woman multiple times and then killed her 8-year-old son when he tried to intervene. wilson received two consecutive life sentences. school opened today in virginia with a new rule.
5:35 pm
all schools are required to have epinephrine auto injectors on hand. they're also known by the trade name epi pens and they're easily dispensed for anyone experiencing an allergic reaction. parents of children with known allergies are still responsible for providing their child's medicines. the fairfax county health department will train all school workers on the new rules. only designated and trained school employees can administer the drug to students. summer is now officially over. thousands of students all across northern virginia are now back to the daily grind on this first day of classes. news 4's julie carey traveled to fairfax county where the school system is dealing with a population boom. >> reporter: for students at south county middle school, the new school year comes complete with a brand-new school. and for the seventh graders just entering middle school, the new building only added to the excitement. >> i'm really happy because, like, it's new and really nice. not old like other middle schools. >> reporter: previously lorton area middle schoolers had shared space with high schoolers at
5:36 pm
south county secondary. but to keep up with growth, the separate middle school was constructed, providing much-needed space. >> they have their own gym, their own auxiliary gym. we have our own cafeteria. so it's really, really focused on the middle school child rather than the 7 through 12. >> good morning. we're welcoming our superintendent, dr. dale. >> reporter: it was superintendent jack dale's last day of school in fairfax county. he'll retire next year. figuring out how to deal with growth and the overcrowding it's caused in some schools will be a continued challenge. more than 181,000 students are expected this fall. and the district has added 15,000 kids in just the last five years. south county middle is one of two new buildings along with mason crest elementary. but dale says more will be needed. >> we're probably having to open anywhere from one to two a year, would be my guess. but we only have a couple in the hopper right now. >> reporter: that means more and more portable classrooms are
5:37 pm
popping up. 100 have been added this fall alone. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, i'll take you to a school where one-third of the students, all the second and third graders, are now learning outside of the original school walls. in portable units and trailers. in fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. the biggest loser shakes up the trainers again. >> making it safe for drivers along wisconsin avenue. i'm liz crenshaw. millions of dollars are president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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it's a beautiful drive along wisconsin avenue here in chevy chase. some of these scenic trees are dangerous to drivers. state highway crews will start work tomorrow to remove five large decaying elms between norwood drive and cumberland avenue. experts tell us they've evaluated the trees and found they're damaged by vehicle crashes and nearby power lines. some also have large branches hanging out too close to traffic. one northbound lane will be closed between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. starting tomorrow. voters in northern virginia have a little more than an hour to pick a new member of the house of delegates. a special election is being held today to replace david england in the 45th district.
5:41 pm
england resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair. alexandria city council member rob krapicka is favored to take the city. timothy mcgehee and justin mallkin are also on the ballot. polls close at 7:00. first day of school was a little more fun for students in fairfax county today. nbc 4 and apple federal credit union delivered more than 500 backpacks to cameron elementary in alexandria. there's julie carey. all part of our annual backpack for kids program. each backpack stuffed with notebooks, pencils and other school supplies. cameron elementary's new principal shared with us some of the excitement. >> we're very fortunate. this really helps our families. they look forward to this every year. our students really love to kick off our year with an assembly. and then having those supplies to support them through the year. >> it's going to help me carry all my stuff. >> i got a zebra backpack that i now love. >> tell me why. because it's zebra? >> yes. >> they're happy, all right. if you want to help these students in our area go to
5:42 pm and search backpack for kids. >> you got to love a zebra anything. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, why some residents do not want a new shopping center along want a new shopping center along connecticut avenue. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position onr along women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control.
5:43 pm
we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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there are big plans for a small shopping center that's near the beltway on connecticut avenue. developers hope to turn the chevy chase lake complex into an urban town center with apartment buildings, retail, open space. tony toll joins us now with reaction to that proposal from some in the community. they're not all very happy with it, tony. >> not at all. it's becoming quite the hot topic with residents in the chevy chase area. many saying the new traffic the new development will bring is unwanted. it's a developing topic. literally. and a few chevy chase residents are saying not in my backyard. >> any redevelopment here that's happening is just going to make things that much worse, that much more congested and make people more irritated. >> it's actually going to be a detriment to the community. we have so much traffic as it is. it's going to exacerbate it. >> the chevy chase lance sector spans between jones bridge road and east-west highway.
5:46 pm
it would allow for the zoning of 1.5 million square feet of commercial development including 1,000 new residential units. a plan that chevy chase major pat byrda says she's looking forward to. >> the community sees this is an opportunity for development. i think we can make this a great gateway to the community. >> reporter: the chevy chase land company, majority owner of land in the sector, says the plan is to develop with a specific cause in mind. >> we're really providing new community gathering spaces, a new park, new amenities, better dining and shopping options for them. maybe even within walking distance of their house if they live close to chevy chase lake. i think that's something everybody agrees they want. >> reporter: one of the key developments of the proposed redevelopment is the addition of the purple line which is getting mixed reviews, especially from rita. she jogs the capital trail daily. >> thousands o f people use it every day. it's going to be such a loss. i would be devastated if it's gone. >> reporter: the proposal still
5:47 pm
has a long pipeline to get through. wow won't see bulldozers and backhoes breaking ground any time next week. >> we're hoping there'll be a public hearing in october. with the planning board sending the plan up to the county council early next year. >> and wendy and jim, if the county council approves the plan at the beginning of next year the rezoning would happen about six months after that. if you're wondering what is the purple line, at 6:30 we'll let you know where the route is going to go on some of the stations they're proposing to build. let's find out about the weather and if it's going to hold off for the nats out there tonight. >> i think it will. i really do. right now just take a look behind me. you canee what's happening out here. partly to most lly cloudy skies. really pleasant conditions. it is a little on the warm side. 85 with a dewpoint of 74. humidity of 70%. winds out of the south right now at about 17 miles per hour. here's the temperatures around the region. 83 into fairfax county towards
5:48 pm
resten. manassas, 84. huntingtown around 82. the only area really seeing any rain down around the huntingtown area into portions of calvert county and annapolis. still a few light showers around. no real heavy rain anywhere. i think we're going to be okay for this evening. i think the heavier rain will wait for tomorrow as a frontal boundary will move across the area. this is what's happening out there right knenow. light showers through fairfax county along i-95 and to the west of i-95. down around staffford county, fredericksburg also seeing some of that rain. still a lot of moisture. really a ton of moisture in the atmosphere. we just need that trigger. here's the trigger back to the west. we have a frontal boundary that will move our way. that will allow all this moisture to continue to move up. that'll provide the focal point for shower and thunderstorm activity. any storms that do develop tomorrow will be on the heavy
5:49 pm
side. tonight not all that bad. 74 in washington. 70 leesburg. scattered showers throughout the night tonight. by tomorrow morning we'll start off on the dry side. by tomorrow afternoon we'll start to heat up. temperatures back to the mid to upper 80s. with the frontal boundary coming through a good chance for just about all of us to see some rain during the day. early back to the west. by late in the afternoon we'll start to clear out, think. tomorrow evening not too bad. early in the day make sure you have that umbrella. lunch may not be the best time to go out and about. for the game tonight, though, i think you're looking a-okay. i really think you're looking pretty good as we continue hopefully on that winning trend. what are we going to see the next couple days? heat is coming back. 92 on your thursday. 93 on friday. it is going to be rather hot. so the best chance of rain tomorrow, slight chance on thursday south and east of the city. but then 93 on friday. 88 on saturday. and then watch this. ready for this? >> we're watching. >> liz crenshaw asked me earlier.
5:50 pm
she said when is the -- >> when is it going to cool down. >> here you go, liz crenshaw. just for you, 78 next monday. 79 next tuesday. many of you will wake up to temperatures in the mid to upper 50s as we make our way into next week. everybody, i think everybody ready for this. wendy said she is. jim, how about you? >> of course. bring it! >> i'm just making everybody happy. here you go. seven-day forecast for everyone. except for the first four days. >> what about the humidity? is it going to go with it? >> yeah, that's going away, too. ask and you shall receive. >> thank you. even my cats are having a bad hair day. let's check out what's trending today. >> former football star michael strahan has a new gig. he was announced today as the permanent replacement for regis philbin on abc's "live with kelly" show. it will now be called "live with kelly and michael." hmm. strahan is a former defensive end for the new york giants. popular trainer jillian michaels is returning to the biggest loser. for the first time the show is
5:51 pm
going to start bringing in contestants under the age of 18. each of the teens on the show will have at least one member between the ages of 13 and 17. the teenagers will not be weighed on television and they will not be competing for cash prizes. the biggest loser returns to nbc in january. thousands of people will be reimbursed for paying too much for prescription drugs. >> and there's a warning about low interest rate credit cards landing in the hands of consumers. good news for parents who have a long holiday shopping list and a budget to go along with it. liz crenshaw is here to explain all that. >> we begin with pharmacy cvv caremark is being forced to pay $5 million back to customers for allegedly charging too much for certain prescription drugs. today the federal trade commission began mailing reimbursement checks to nearly 13,000 consumers. the ftc says cvs caremark allegedly made deceptive pricing claims for certain medicare part
5:52 pm
d prescription drugs. it caused many seniors and disabled consumers to pay more than expected including drugs used to treat such things as breast cancer and epilepsy at cvs and walgreens pharmacies. low interest credit cards are making a big comeback. there's a consumer warning to go along with them. "the wall street journal" reports many credit card companies are offering cards with those teaser rates. as low as 0% for new card holders with good or improving credit. other credit card companies are offering airline miles or triple points on gas, groceries and drugstore purchases. but beware. if you are late or miss a payment not only will your credit take a big hit, so will your interest rate which will cost you. the same goes for those balance transfer deals offered at 0%. many times there are fees which can run as high as 10% of the balance being transferred. "the wall street journal" reports, get this, up to 60% of consumers will lose the teaser rate before the promotion ends. beware. okay. there's good news for parents
5:53 pm
who rely on layaway during the holiday toy shopping season. oh, boy. that already? starting today toys r us is waiving its layaway service fee and doing away with its minimum purchase. layaway allows consumers to make a down payment and a series of small payments over time which can be helpful when planning for a child's holiday wish list. the program is for all layaway orders in its stores but you have to shop early. you have to buy your toys before october 31st. after october 31st customers will be charged the $5 for the layaway service. it may be hard to think about christmas and holiday toy shopping, but toys r us, there's a deal. >> better to think about it now and be clear when december comes around. be done with it. >> that would be good. if you're right on top of it. >> thank you, liz. coming up next, walking to school instead of taking the bus. many local students now don't even have a choice. the frustrated parents, next. coming up tonight at 6:00, our team coverage continues from
5:54 pm
the democratic national convention. jim vance and tom sherwood both there. they'll be reporting on tim kaine who's getting set to speak tonight. it's finally out. after weeks of anticipation and some con tro ver spip we're talking about the book detailing the navy s.e.a.l.'s account of the mission that killed osama bin laden. it's out tonight. plus, a big announcement
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
sure to join us for that and more coming up tonight at 6:00. hundreds of children in arlington will now have to walk to school because the school system eliminated about a dozen bus stops. >> news 4's tracy wilkins has more on a policy that has a lot of parents fuming. >> reporter: for some students it's going to take some getting used to. walking to school instead of riding a bus. >> this school has not had a walking zone before. and we have a fairly difficult walk here. >> reporter: a few weeks ago arlington county public school parents received notification that some students who rode the bus in years past would now be walking to school. students living within a mile and a half of their secondary school or a mile of their elementary school are supposed to walk. that includes pre-k. >> i'm a big believer in walking to school. but .8 mile for a 4-year-old is
5:58 pm
ridiculous. they can't walk that far and they certainly can't walk that far if there's no planning beforehand. >> reporter: hundreds of parents are complaining. some have filed appeals and some are posting their feelings on a new facebook page called arlington parents for safe school transportation. they also have an online petition. >> when you're talking about two weeks' notice where the pta can barely get things together to organize even a walking school bus, they didn't have an alternative plan. >> reporter: in a letter to parents the suspect said the primary focus of the transition has been to ensure the safety of our students. this means we need to know who is on the bus and to ensure that our buses are not overcrowded. especially in the face of our growing enrollment needs. for years some students who were expected to walk to school were going to bus stops instead. this year students who have been approved for bus travel will have bus passes. those without passes will be allowed on the bus, but parents will be contacted by school
5:59 pm
officials to find out why their child asked to board. >> i think i'm just challenged with compromising our children's safety to save money, frankly, because i don't know what else it could be. >> reporter: school officials say that more than 200 parents have filed appeals against these bus stop closures. only a few have been granted the opportunity to have their kids ride buses. the uphill process is continuing. in arlington county, i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. right now at 6:00, flooding solution. the steps bloomingdale residents are taking to stay dry the next time we get heavy rain, which could be quite soon. also, police make a quick arrest after an unusual stabbing in montgomery county. as thousands of kids head back to school, one of the largest school systems in the country is keeping up with the growing population. this i

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